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o you worry about the security of your home, office, company or building? Due to high rates of criminal activity, installing a closed-circuit monitoring system (CCTV) in your space provides a means of security, since it gives you the opportunity to monitor you space from everywhere in the world you might be.

Security cameras have been rapidly evolved during the last years, because they prove to be a fine solution and create a unique feeling of security. The existing choices are of a wide range and able to cover every existing need.

A qualified professional is the most suitable person to fully guide you over your choices. After a careful examination of your space, he / she is going to help you choose the right security camera for your needs, and to proceed to its installation.


The technician who will install the security cameras is the person who is primarily responsible for achieving your desired outcome. A bad installation could lead to recurring damages and increased repapering costs. Choose an experienced technician who is licensed with the required CCTV Security Installer License from the Hellenic Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection.

Attention! Do not trust the security of your place, and of your family, to unqualified installers.

Basic steps of a right installation of a security camera system

  • Examination of your Space

    which is free!

  • Designing

    the installation

  • Installing the security

    camera system in your space

  • Connecting cameras with a monitoring system

    and setting up security cameras.

Security camera for Indoors or Outdoors

The various types of security cameras, which you could install in your house or your office, have various technical features, ie. high resolution, point of view, the volume of infrared lighting (LED) for night watch, and many others. Depending their installation space, security cameras are divided into indoor or outdoor use. The main difference between the last two is their endurance to weather conditions, and to further hardships.

Hidden cameras, as their name reveals, are security cameras constructed in a way not disclosing their use.
Security cameras for daytime and nighttime shoot, are discerned according to lighting conditions in which they respond best. Depending on your needs, you could choose cameras which function even in the deep dark night or only in conditions with enough lighting.
Bullet & Dome: Bullet cameras have arm, are easily installed, and are suitable for monitoring short and long distances. Dome cameras are non-arm cameras which have a round shape and have a protective vandal-proof cover.

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