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WinSat Security Systems


ur company has a big experience in the implementation of projects of security systems and our technical staff has the required personnel work permits of I.E.P.Y.A.

In the recent years, many photovoltaic parks need the placement of security system and closed- circuit camera for the prevention, avoidance of damage of the installation and of stealing the equipment.

We can offer:

  • Security Systems

    with beams or looping (wired trap) so as to succeed avoiding of the intruder to come in the area with the alarm and notification via GSM.

  • Closed Camera Circuit

    which record and transfer a picture of the park to the owner via ADSL line, 3G or Satellite Internet.

Internet Access from everywhere

Apart from having the ability to watch Real Time picture from your park via ADSL or 3G link you can also connect with the image signal receiving center – alarm, so that you receive the picture in case of space violation. Basically, with a 3G signal is like having a cable ADSL link in your park, and so you can manage everything from distance.

We collaborate with the biggest companies in the field of Security Systems and we have a wide range of products in Central Boards, Detectors, Microwave detectors, Sirens, GSM-GPRS, Beams etc. and CCTV systems (Recorders, Cameras, Hard disk drives, 3G Routers for image transmission, Wires etc.).