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WinSat Security Systems


he level of security safety depends on the right choice, quality and installation of the system’s hardware. In order to achieve the highest potential of this approach in your space, it would be helpful to understand on your behalf how the security systems work, so in collaboration with our skilled technician, you will be able to choose the system that best suits your needs.  Next, we share some basic and important info on how these systems work. A security system consists of:


Sending signals via a simple telephone line to the central receiving station or directly to the owner’s telephones.

The security system via the existing simple landline sends signals to the receiving center. The system records any information for the zone in a space where it has been activated. Then, on a case-by-case basis, it contacts the phone numbers which it estimates as necessary, and informs the owner about the incident, as well.  The list of phone numbers-contacts is mentioned in the relevant contract (eg owner, officers, police, fire brigade, private guard, etc.).


More, the center can also monitor:

  • Power failure and restoring of electricity in the building.
  • The dropping of system’s rechargeable battery.
  • When a business office is opened and closed by staff and by whom (if each person uses a separate personal code).

Sending signals through a mobile telephony system (GSM-GPRS) to the central station or directly to the owner’s telephone.

  • It can also work without a landline.
  • It is automatically activated when someone cuts the phone line or there is a damage in the fixed line network.
  • The GSM device provides a better communication security from the simple telephone land line and is now required to be installed in all security systems and especially in high-risk areas.

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